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Found it on reddit:

MOC + CEO Office dupe (glitch) from gtaglitches

Shout out reddit u/gold3naxe

Music in video:
Chill lofi hip hop Instrumental – Days Like These

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MOC with personal vehicle storage
Faggio stored in MOC
CEO Office with garage and mechanic
Car you want to dupe i recommend benny or arena vehicles

1. drive the Faggio into the MOC
2. drive out and blow your self up with a sticky bomb
3. When you spawn at the docks, go to the location shown in the video
4. Once you arrive, call in your MOC and park it under the roof as shown in video and call your Faggio from Mors Mutual
5. Get into the car you want to dupe and park behind the MOC
6. Detach MOC from the trailer
7. Go back into car and spam Right-DPAD to enter MOC, once alerts stop disappearing, accept them and you should be in a black loading screen
8. You will be spawned outside of your MOC and your car will have different plates, go to your Office and change the plate color or to custom
9. Order a new Faggio to the MOC and repeat steps 4-8
10. All dupes will be in the office garage and the original goes back to original garage