NEW YEAR 2024, FREE Gifts, RARE Clothing, MONEY, Gooch, GTA 5 Chop Shop DLC 2023 (GTA Online Update)

GTA5: NEW YEAR 2024, FREE Gifts, RARE Clothing, MONEY, Gooch, GTA 5 Chop Shop DLC 2023 (GTA Online Update)
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NEW LEAKED Birthday Gifts, FREE Clothing, RARE Unlock, MONEY, GTA 5 Chop Shop DLC(GTA Online Update)UNLOCK Unreleased Cars, CAVALCADE XL, New Vehicle, MONEY, GTA 5 Chop Shop DLC (GTA Online Update) GTA 5 Online 2024 DLC Update – LEAKED News (GTA5 Update) in this gta 5 online video we will be taking a closer look at the unreleased new birthday presents in gta 5, use these dunce hats to make clothing glitch or modded outftis,unreleaseed “cavalcade” xl car which is part of the gta 5 online chop shop dlc update. this gta 5 car is unreleased and i will be showing you how to get it early. gta online chop shop update includes lots of cops n crooks content, police outfits, police cars, use these to make modded outfits in gta 5, new money methods, gta 5 business with the gta 5 chop shop update you will be able to UNLOCK Rare Cop Car, GAUNTLET INTERCEPTOR, Police Misson, GTA 5 Chop Shop DLC, gta online cop outfit. gta online police outfit. (GTA Online Update) GTA 5 Online: CHOP SHOP DLC – All NEW Clothing/Clothes, Outfits, Shoes (GTA Online Winter Update)in 2024 we will see gta5 online doomsday part 2 heist dlc. including aliens as seen with the alien egg, ufo. from the gta online ufo abduction event, weapons and maybe a gta 6 trailer or gta 6 news with the final gta 5 online dlc update. for anyone asking the question “when is the next gta 5 dlc coming out” with gta 6 announcment this week, gta 6 trailer release date next month. this will get a massive month for grand theft auto vi/gtavi and gta 5 online.
in this Grand Theft Auto V – video I will be discussing the new gta online 2023/2024 dlc update,includes new gta online dlc cars, gta online new business, gta online new scrapyard business, gta online new weapons, gta online new missions, check out other videos on upcoming leaks, release date GTA Online DLC update for ps4, ps5, xbox one, xbox series s, xbox series x and pc. this new gta 5 online update will include new cars, new property, new weapons and more. possible themes for new dlc include Michael de santa movie theatre dlc update, a liberty city map expansion dlc update, alien wars and gta 5 online cops and crooks dlc update.




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