How To Get Any Car For FREE In GTA 5 Online (GTA 5 Money Glitch)

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How To Get Any Car For FREE In GTA 5 Online (GTA 5 Money Glitch)

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You’ll need:
2 friends
Bunker with MOC
Invite only session
Car to dupe over

1. Giver and receiever will both need to glitch their vehicles into all bunkers. Park the vehicle against a wall, block off the door with a caddy until you are teleporting into the vehicle, and request a job from Simeon, Gerald, etc. While in the car join mission and spam O/X to quickly back out and immediately begin spamming triangle to teleport into the vehicle. Car will now be in all bunkers. (If it disappears, try again)

2. The 3rd friend helping needs to pull their MOC outside then enter their own bunker. Enter the vehicle of the receiver and then the receiever can hit right on the d-pad to freeze.

3. The person getting frozen should park as far away from the MOC as possible while still having the option to press right to store vehicle. Once frozen, the person giving the car will use the vehicle they glitched in to push the receiver back about 5-10 feet. Make sure you remain frozen, if not then refreeze and try again.

4. Once the receiever has been pushed back, the person giving the car will drive the car they are giving close to the bunker exit. Change vehicle access and change it back to everyone, then start up a job.

5. The receiver who is still frozen will join the friend in the job and accept all alerts, and return to the bunker now unfrozen. Exit the vehicle and enter the vehicle you will be receiving and you will be immediately sucked into the MOC.

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