GTA San Andreas Secrets and Facts 17

GTA SA Easter Eggs and Secrets! Green Goo, Aliens, The Truth, Stowaway, Andromada, UFO, AT400, Airbus. Myths, Tricks, Mysteries and more! Thanks for watching and enjoy the video! Read full description and subscribe my channel for more! GTA Easter Eggs video.

► In this video you can find facts you did not know and easter eggs, myths and secrets in GTA San Andreas videogame!

► Previous episode: (BETA Features, Myths, Mission Tricks and Tips)
► Secrets and Facts ALL EPISODES:

► How to get Andromada plane (by Rodrigo Henz):
► Biggest Plane in GTA SA – Comparison:

► GTA San Andreas Best Drift Cars:
► GTA 5 Wonders of Los Santos – Real Life Locations:
► GTA San Andreas Best Android Mods 4:
► GTA Vice City Best Mods 6:

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