INSANE NO PREP/SET UP GLITCH (Bogdan / Doomsday Heist) – GTA Online – The Diamond Casino Heist

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My money be extensive, Pasta be expensive –

OK people, this is starting to get out of hand. Just when I thought I’d found it all, one of my viewers goes and shows me this. If you’ve ever lost a Bogdan Problem Finale and you’re probably familiar with what a pain in the ass it is to do all of the Prep Missions again. I swear, if I ever have to go put out those 5 fires again…it’s almost as bad as garbage/post truck MC Business Missions. Then something like this comes along and flips the game on it’s head. You can SKIP EVERY SINGLE PREP MISSION on the Doomsday Heist. Meaning, you can get to any finale INSTANTLY. Obviously, this is most pertinent with the Bogdan Problem because of the Back to Back glitch / method with this finale, but this method works on ANY finale. It’s actually insane. Now, this certainly isn’t as profitable as the Back to Back method combined with the gold glitch 2.0 in the Diamond Casino Heist, but if you’ve been getting sort of bored or tired of running the Casino Heist, this is definitely a great alternative. Hope You Enjoy!!

Wu-Tang Again? Ahh Yeah, Again and Again –

Now listen Morty. For those that aren’t familiar, basically when you quit or go offline as the host right when you reach the buyer in the hanger on Bogdan, your crew will be paid while you keep your finale ready to go again. This is the Bogdan Method Morty. This works on ANY Heist Finale, but is most time efficient on the Bogdan Problem and in the Diamond Casino Heist. This means that you will be able to alternate finales between you and your friends, paying each other the max take every time. You got all that Morty?

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Here’s a link to doing the Bogdan Problem Back to Back Method for anyone still curious
Bogdan Problem B2B –

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