GTA 5 Chaos Rainbomizer! – Viewers Randomly Mod The Game In A Randomized Los Santos (#15)

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GTA V but now BOTH randomly expanded and enhanced AND viewers mod the game every 30 seconds. Not only are the Vehicles, Colours, Weapons, Sounds, Cutscenes, Peds, Players, Weather, Time, Stats and more are completely random, but viewers can mod the game to cause over 300 effects to happen. Everything from Doomsday, Beyblades, Aliens, rainbow vehicles and so much more! This mod has also been called a ‘cheat mod’ or ‘Chaos%’ due to is similarities with a cheats possible in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Glitches and oddities can occur, but its all a part of the fun.

Get chaos mod here:
Pongo’s discord server for people who are interested in following the developement for chaos mod (and potentially other mods in the future)

Get rainbomizer mod here:
Thanks Parik27, The123robot, SpeedyFolf Speedy the Folf and Fryterp23 for making a great mod, and thanks those who helped test it.

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