Gold Glitch 2.0 Post Patch (Gruppe Sechs Hard) – GTA Online – The Diamond Casino Heist

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Ohhhh, so you thought the gold glitch might be patched huh?? Nah nah nah nah nah. Actually, I don’t know if they even can patch it. Cause you’d have to assume they know about it at this point. Either way, here you go. Everything is working just the same as it ever was. Bogdan method should still be working just fine also. That’s been in the game since it launched, so I’m pretty sure they just can’t fix that. This is doing the Gold Glitch 2.0 post patch in all it’s glory. Hope you enjoy.

If you’re curious how exactly we did this, check out some of these videos below to help explain everything you’ll need to know.

Gold Glitch 2.0 Explained –

Changing Vault Contents Explained –

Vault Configurations Explained (Different layouts) –

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